Credit Card Activations

The purpose of this website is to provide you with quick links to credit card activation links for major credit card companies. Scroll down to view said links.

Sometimes life is hectic. Just keeping up with your credit card payments can feel like too much to manage at times in addition to the storm of busy-ness going on in the rest of your life. Then you get a new credit card in the mail, which you now have to find time to activate. Not long after getting your new card(s) in the mail, you think you have activated your new credit card, but somehow, before you got the chance to site down and actually visit the credit card website, or call the credit card hotline, you forgot or got sidetracked. Don't worry. Credit Card Activations is here to help you get back on track.


Have you somehow lost the sticker that was attached to your credit that gave you your credit card activation link or the phone number that you can use to activate your card? It has happened to me before, so don't feel bad! Heck, I will sometimes wait (unintentionally) until my credit company makes a follow up call before I'll bother to go online or pick up a phone to activate my card. This is for no other reason than I'm busy, and I have a lot of other things going on in my life.

So, what kind of credit card to you need to activate today? Look below for a thorough list of available cards, including links to their associated websites which should assist you in your quest to activate that credit card and get back to shopping again!

Sometimes you just need a gentle nudge in the right direction for basic, everyday tasks that can get lost in the mix. For just such an occasion, Credit Card Activations was created to give that extra little helping hand.

  • Chase - A close competitor with Wells Fargo in terms of gross market share for every day checking accounts and physical banking locations. They also offer a cash back card known as "Chase Freedom" that is designed to compete with other cash-back credits cards such as Bankd of America's "BankAmericard Cash Rewards". Chase is known for offering elaborate benefits in exchange for creating a checking account (especially accounts with auto-deposits enabled). They also offer a range of different credits cards designed to meet the widest possible range of shopper needs. Chase is a subsidiary of JP Morgan.

    Activate your Chase credit card using this link

  • Discover - Discover is known for offering competitive benefits for users, but there is a more limited range of retail outlets that will accept Discover as a form of payment. A central reason for the limited availability of retailers that will accept Discover cards is the fact that there is such a high fee associated with every transaction, which is charged to the merchant (who is selling you the product). This is a double edged sword however, as it is these fees that make it possible for Discover to offer such competitive customer benefits (such as cash back).

    Activate your Discover credit card using this link